About us

This platform connects civil society organisations and activists that are impacted by hate, bullying or legal uncertainty in their work with support services. We want to attention to the shrinking civic space phenomenon (increasing restrictions on civil society action in Europe), gather information and establish a strong solidarity network, for the protection of civil society in Europe!

Dr. Siri Hummel

Political scientist

Dr. Siri Hummel is the Deputy Director of the Maecenata Institute for Philanthropy and Civil Society and is a political scientist and communications expert. Her research focuses are democracy and civil society, as well as equality in civil society and foundation research. She is also a lecturer for the programme ‘Nonprofit Management and Public Governance’ at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Before joining Maecenata, Siri was a research associate at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg in Greifswald from 2011 to 2017. In 2018, she completed her PHD at the University of Greifswald on the topic of promoting democracy through foundations.

Elisa Spreter

Student assistant

Elisa Spreter has worked as a student assistant at the Maecenata Institute since April 2022. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in public and non-profit management, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Public Governance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

After completing her vocational training and subsequent work at the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, she has worked for various non-profit organisations since 2017. She has developed a special interest in fundraising and philanthropy.

Malte Schrader

Research Fellow

Malte is a research associate at the Maecenata Institute for Philanthropy and Civil Society. He is currently researching Muslim philanthropy in Germany and diversity in civil society.

His research interests are predominantly sociological religious research, with a main focus on religion and society, as well as migration, pluralisation, modernisation and religion in the diaspora. He especially deals with Muslim society in Germany and civil society during the Covid-19 pandemic. Malte holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Potsdam.